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The following are offered
in response to some of the more common requests and questions for labelling and schematics.

Leslie 122 Label Set
The schematics strip, motor socket ID and tube chart/volume setting labels for Leslie 122 amps are available in a JPG file here. Print out whole file in Photoshop or similar program without altering size and cut out to provide reasonable replacements for original tags.

Printouts look best in Photoshop. Some other programs such as Thumbs Plus will interpret resolution as size, producing gigantic prints. Reducing the size of these JPG files will ruin the resolution. Find a program that prints the original size without alteration. If possible, use card stock paper on a hi-res printer, and apply adhesive only after sizing up pieces for application. Have fun!

Universal Leslie Adapter
This device was built commonly several years ago at the request of rental agencies. It allows the use of almost any Leslie cabinet with a Hammond organ equipped with an 8000 series (122 type) control kit installed. Although the unit produced by EIS incorporated circuitry for a wide range of Leslie families, the circuit has been re-drawn in modular form so you may choose the building blocks necessary for your application. Read more about it. A ZIP file (659k), including schematics and a description sheet for the Universal Leslie adapter, is also available.

Effects Loop for Hammond AO28
Download the full schematic. You can print directly from your browser or a graphics editing program.

Tone Control for Hammond AO28
The full schematic can be downloaded here. You can print directly from your browser or a graphics editing program

Electrotone Organ Mate
In response to many requests, I have scanned and am happy to offer the product schematics and relay instruction sheets for the Electrotone Organ Mate. Download here.