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EIS specializes in the development of new products to help improve the performance and functionality of Hammond organs and Leslie speakers.

Solid State Leslie Motor Control Relays
EIS has received global accolades for its solid state relays, which provide noiseless, quick and reliable motor control for Leslie models 122, 147 and 251. This product has proven invaluable for studio, church and professional applications where quiet switching is critical, access to the equipment is difficult and reliablilty is must.

Effective July 2010, EIS relays are being produced and distributed exclusively by TREK II products. Check here for further details.

Sidekick Leslie Footswitch Control
New and improved Sidekick brackets are once again available. With the EIS Sidekick footswitch, there's no need to sacrifice timely Leslie speed changes while working the keys and drawbars. This product attaches directly to any existing Hammond expression pedal and will accept any 1/2" push switch attached to your Leslie control. The latest version is made from aircraft grade aluminum, CNC machined.  The bracket is $14.50.

We have completed beta testing the new Sidekick tremolo controller to compliment the redesigned bracket.  It uses a momentary switch to toggle between Tremolo and Chorale.  A light touch is all that is required and the operation is noiseless.  This version has been designed to interface simply and logically with the TREK II solid state Leslie relays. Please call for pricing and availability.

Add-on Power Supplies
EIS also offers an add-on power supply for early (pre B-2/C-2 etc.) consoles. This allows the use of Leslies other than the 122 family, or Hammond tone cabinets.

Custom Leslie Connectors
Contrary to what you may have heard, almost any Leslie can be connected to almost any Hammond console. Contact us for details.

TREK II and Other Products
In addition to TREK II products, we also carry a large inventory of N.L.A. and rare parts for all Hammond and Leslie models. Our prices can't be beat and most items are kept in stock.