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Features and Options

Each custom Hammond organ console is built to the owner's specifications. Standard features include:

  • master volume, bass and treble controls
  • percussion level control
  • chorus vibrato depth adjustment
  • spring reverb with level control
  • line out
  • effects loop
  • two Leslie outputs complete with fuses
  • Leslie switch
  • organ power on LED indicator
  • removable, tubular steel legs with levelling adjustment, available in a variety of colors and finishes
  • built-in power relay
  • fully grounded console electronics
  • complete schematics and parts lists (in the unlikely event service is required)

Almost any other modification imaginable can be provided:

  • 2 position Leslie switch coupled to chorale/off switch (for authentic Leslie 22H style operation), or 3 position Leslie switch
  • Leslie speed LED indicators
  • Sidekick footswitch
  • removable expression pedal for use with or without pedalboard
  • reverb bypass from Leslie to line out
  • headphone jack
  • active crossover and line out for routing bass to separate amp
  • complete pedalboard assembly (with all the original Hammond harmonics)
  • Trek II string bass
  • frequency conversion unit for 50hz use, or for organs used with portable generators
Bass, treble and master volume controls.
Reverb control and Leslie speed switches.
level EQ control
Leslie control

Start and run switches with LED indicator.
Continuous chorus vibrato variation.
start run
chorus control

Expression pedal with Sidekick control.
Removable steel legs with levelling adjustment.
expression pedal
Removable legs

Pedalboard umbilical being stored for transport.
Pedalboard umbilical attached for use.
umbilical stowed
umbilical attached

Organ control panel with twin Leslie ouputs, expression pedal input, fuses, and effects sends and controls.
control panel

Under the hood.

Assembled organ.
organ rear view